FOR SUMMER Use Extractof POPPY & BLACKBERI Certain and Sure Cure.



THE TRIBUNE. Published every Friday Morning. THE DESERONTO NEWS CO. (WIMILTED-) Publishers and Proprietors,

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v h Wants, Lost, Found, Strayed, ote 25 ots eac In-ertion. or on 4 contract at the rate of 75 cents month, Casual advertisoments 5 cents per line first inser- trou, each subsecuent insertion 8 ots. per line, q ‘Advertisements for insertion among the local items 5 cents per line each insertion 2 Colntnunicationsanoult be addreased to, EO ae Desoronto, Ont.

a DESERONTO POST OFFICE, Office open daily (Sundays excepted) from 7;$0a.m, Mails for despatch are closed at tho office a follows:— : For Napanee and Kingston and all points East at

rn. and 8:00 p.m, 1 " tor Belleville and Toronto and all points West at

4 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. For Picton at 10,40 a.m,, and $;00 p.m, Mails arriving are due as follows ;— ; From Kingston, Napanee, and all points Eastat

7:80 a.m. and 12:05 p.m. : From Piston ‘at 5:30 and 11:30 an.

Ren Urares leftora ns be posted half an hour be- lore the close of cach mail. : A I ! N.B,—A mail is made up for all points at 6 p.m,

on Sundays.

F. 8, RATHBUN, Postmaster,




&e, Orrick, Asutxy Buock, Front Street, Belleville, Ont.


Ok HOUSE USE OR BEART SHOPS, AT iow . Wi ‘or prices. lowest market rates, ase ST a BUN Co.

WATER LIME. ATER LIME, PORTLAND CEMENT, AND \ Plaster Paris for SHO ea ray rent civ cessfully. Write forprices. ous ziven how to ure succe: A



Ontario. Plans, specifications, details and ¢. mates prepared for all kinds of buildings, Con ken at reasonable rates, Shop and Office at Pi ary, North of Foot Bridge.

OR. E. D. VANDERVOORT, RADUATE of the University of Toronto; Fellow of Trinity Medical School; Late Clinical assist- ant {n Toronto General Hosp tal Ovrick!—Malley’s Drug Store: Private entrance on Edin und Stree Rrsipexce#—Next house north of Camoron s Store


SES\ of the Heart and Lungs.) No, 11)


NSURANCE ON FARM OR VILLAGE PROPERTY atlow ratesin Standard Stock Companies—the Royal Insurance Company and Commercial Union of England, Western and British American of Toronto.





from this section visiting Toronto,will find this

house most convenieat to stop at, and will be sure of a very cordial welcome, A call solicited.



throughout, in the latest styles. Large and convenient Sample Rooms; and ovyery accommodation and comfort for guests. Tho Bar is supplied with best importedand domestic Liquors and Clgare, Charges woderato First-class Livery in connection, Good Yard and Stablos attached.

P. O'CONNOR, Prop'r *3-L Deseronto, Ont.

ORIENTAL HOTEL. J. HUNT, Proprieter (formerly of Napanee) + As I have leased this fine Hotel for a term of years Lhave refurnished and refitted it throughout, making it one of the best hotels in Deseronto. The

bar will always be supplied with the finest liquors and Cigars, Good stabling in connection.

W! J. HUNT, Proprietor


V R. JOHN L, FERGUSON, licensed

Auctioneer for the County of Hast- ings. Commissions Reasonable, Orders attended to with the greatest promptitude, Deseronto, Ont.

GEO. E. SNIDER, WATCHMAKER, JEWELER & DEALER in all kinds of st.veRware, &o,

Corner Main & St. George Streets, ___Deseronto.


TP\HIE undersigned will buy Swamp Elm and some other kinds of cordwood as well as round Stone, delivered at Deseronto Junction, THE RATHBUN COMPANY,



PVE UNDERSIGNED offers for sale the one half lot in block C and adjoining his house on Thomas street, Deseronto, Apply to hk. DAVERN, Trenton, Ont.

June 20th, '89

~|\Tin and Sheet Iron ‘Work,

Montreal St,, Kingston, j




New Embroidery and Wash Rope Silks, Ponpons and Oheniile Qords, in all new shades, American Arrasene, New Plushes and Satins, New Slipper Patterns, New Silk Laces in all shades, Infants Zephyr Jackets and Shirts, Children’s Cloaking and Knit Jackets in new makes and colors, Misses “Guards Own Oaps,” Cashmere Stock- ings, all sizes. ‘Ladies’ and Children’s Oashmere and natural Wool’ Under- wear. f


In Pink, White, Black and Garnet.

Smoking Caps and Hat Bands Neatly Stamped and Made to Order,





Next door to the Post Office, is now prepared to do all kinds of ae foe ee,

Eavetroughing, Roofing, Ete.


Supplied and fitted in the most


DESERONTO); ONT,|;REDIAY; © Gili, 1889.

James Williams, of the 5th con, Tyendinaga,

when he suddenly fell over and instantly expired, respected residents in Tyendinaga and was well known through this section. hale and hearty old’ man and was in his 79th




Iyvom Our Own Correspondent,

Mr, Cephas Sampson, of Long Island, New York, is visiting his relatives here and in New- burg after an absence of five years,

Mr. Burrows, public school Inspector for Lennox, visited our school last week. The school we learn is’ making steady progress under Miss Dunbar,

Mr. Scott, editor of the Napanee Beaver and superintendent of the telephone, was visit- ing here last week looking after the interests of the Beaver and the Telephone.

We have had telephone conmunication in our village for some years, but we are glad to learn that Kingsford is likely soon to have telephone communication with the’ outside world

A handsome woven wire fence is about to be erected around the church tot by the congre- gation of St. Patrick’s Church. Mr. James McKittrick, of Selby, has obtained the con- tract, The interior of the church is also to be improved, The ceiling will be newly plastered and the ceiling and walls kalsomined. The committee expect to have all the improvements finished this fall.

St. Jude's Church (Church of England) is to be painted and varnished and the walls kal. somined. The work will be done by Mr, James McKittrick, of Selby.

We regret to hear of the serious illness of Mr. John C, Hanley, of Read, ex-Warden of Hastings.

Mr. Norman Whiteman formerly of Lons- dale, is about opening a blacksmith business in the shop adjoining the mill property on the north side of the river,

Mr. John McCullough, who is about moving to Belleville, has rented -his farm’ on the 3rd con, Tyendinaga to Mr: Oliver Krause.

The many warm friends of Miss Eva Roblin were glad to see inthe columns of THE Tri- BUNE last week that the Deseronto people fully appreciated the musical treat afforded by this talented and accomplished artist.

The community were ‘startled by the announcement of the sudden death of Mr,

on Sunday morning last. Tt appears the old gentleman had been walking about his place on that morning before breakfast and coming into the house enquired if breakfast was ready

He was one of the oldest and most

He was a

N, Y.5 are yisiting at the home of B. J. Alli- son. Esq,

Mrs. J. G. Allison presented her husband with a daughter on Wednesday of last week Mrs. B, McGinness did like towards her husband on Thursday of last Gi.

Mrs, Bragg, of Lamworth, ‘ormerly a Miss Ryan of Marysville, left Tamworth on Tues- day for Vancouver, B, C., where her husband had prgceded her and where they will reside in future,

An old resident of Tyendinaga township named James Williams, aged 76 years, died suddenly on Sunday morning and was buried here on Tuesday.

Michael, son of Nicholas Callaghan. died at Cambellford on Wednesday, and was. buried here today, Friday, Mr. laghan has the sympathy of all his old friends here in his bereavement.

om a LONSDALE From Our Own Correspondent.

Mr. Norman Whiteman, of our village, has made arrangements to move to Kingsford in a few days to commence his business as a general blacksmith,

Mr. Patrick McGinniss has also started a BhoH at Melrose in the same business.

We hear ofa sad accident which occurred on Sunday last north of here by the running away of Mr. M. Hart's team, upsetting the carriage and seriously injuring Mrs, McDermot and her child who could not be taken home and were left at Mr, Hart's. The child died on the following Wednesday ; it is thought Mrs. MeDermot will recover,

On Sunday morning oné of the old resi- dents, Mr, James Williams, of the 5th con. of Tyendinaga, was very suddenly taken trom among us by the hand of death. He was in Lonsdale on Saturday. on. business in good health and on Sunday morning got upas usual and attended to his cows, &c., then returned to the house, sat down to breakfast, straight— ened back in his chair and expired without a word or a struggle.

Mr, Hamilton, one of Deseronto's mer- chants, has commenced sending large loads of goods to Lonsdale where he is expected to open out his stock in Mrs, Doxsee’s stone Store and be ready for business in a few days,


From Our Own Correspondent,


i Mr. Thomas Mangan has been buying a number of cattle in this neighborhood for shipment to Montreal.

Mrs. Francis Brennan is yery low, all hope of her recovery having long since been abandoned,


From Our Own Correspondent Miss Heaney*has returned to her home at

approved manner.


Repairing of all kinds attended to at short notice.

B. J. Atkinson.


Mrs. Gaubourie, of Tweed, is visiting her daughter. Mrs. Chas. Scanlon,

Mrs. Sweeney, of Napanee, who has been spending the summer at New York, paida visit to old friends here recently,

Mr. Jas. Farrell and wife have returned from Trenton to reside here permanently,

Mrs. John Noble and children, of Merriam Park, Minn., are visiting at the home of B, I Allison, Esq.

Mr, Hicks, a C. P. R. conductor, of Fort Gratiot, Mich., and formerly a Napanee boy, is, with his wife, renewing acquaintances in this section.

Mr, Frank Burr and wife, of Pavwlings,

The Mohawk Council have been asked to remove the Carter slaughter house, the offen- sive odors from which on Sunday haye been offered as an excuse for* non attendance at church,

* Sandy Culbertson is running a seine on the old ground opposite the chirch ; he expects a Beal season,

We <r all delighted to welcome back Chief Annos Sikab, We returns to his old position in the Big Store of the Rathbun Company on Monday.

A Grand River Indian, Seth Newhouse, alias ‘‘Approaching Fire, "alias ‘Blue Blazes,” is still here attempting to poison the minds of our people. His antecedents are pretty well known ; he had better go home. Our most respectable Mohawks are ashamed of him,

The hickory nut industry is in full blast.

Barley is coming in freely the farmers being convinced that it will not pay to hold on.

The visit of the Rev. ie Ashton, of the Mohawk Institute, Brantford, and Mr. Ven- ning, Secretary of the New England Co, in England, to the Mission School and their remarks upon the proficiency of the children and the general progress of our people are encouraging and incentives to greater efforts.


For a Bottle of MALARIA CURE,

A sure preventive against Malaria,

NO. 2h


What might have proved a very serious accident occurred at an early hour last Friday morning. he Citizens” Band having fulfilled an engagement at the Belleville fair on Thursday were returning home to Dege- ronto in one of Thomas Gault’s rigs, They were driving aloag in the darkness when

suddenly the whole party, with one solitary | formed their task admirably. exception, were hurled from their seats and, Geel attendance, te t

with their valuable instruments, found themselves struggling in a confused mass in a deep ditch. It appears that the county officials had been repairing the culvert at the foot of the hill near James Maracle’s, A deep excavation had been made and the earth piled up, but with a negligence criminal in the extreme the workmen when night came departed leaving the work unfinished but without a lantern or anything else to warn the traveller of his danger. The night being dark the band had driven into the big ditch thus excavated ; the horses were thrown down to one side and seriously injured, while the rig also was much damaged, Several of the members of the band, and more especially Mr, C. Macdonald, sustained severe bruises and other injuries, instruments were smashed, and it was little short of a miracle thas some of the men were not killed. The members of the band aroused Mr. Maracle to see the real condition of things and also came to town and got several citizens to go out and see the danger- ous state in which the road had been left. Mr. C. Macdonald, who was severely shaken up and whose valuable musical instrument was broken, has instructed his solicitor in Belleville to proceed against the county ofliciafs for damages, and, no doubt, the other members of the Citizen's Band, and Mr. Gault will take similar action, he council will be mulcted in a nice sum for damagesin connection with this affair, It seems that Messrs, Lenderoth, O'Connor and H. B, Rathbun came'within an ace of finding themselves in the same predicament as the Band but escaped by the sagacity of their horses.


From An Occasional Correspondent.

Threshing has been occupying the attention ofthe farmers in this vicinity for the past ten days, as Mr. Spencer, the renowned thresher, has been through here with his steam thresher. He kept up his Previous record by threshing one day last week for Mr, Wm. Jamieson one thousand bushels of oats at the rate of two bushels a minute. If anybody cap beat that we would like to hear from them

Mrs. Dayid Mitchell, of Missoula, Montana, and Mrs, Gilbert, of Belleville, were the guests of Mrs. James Cronk last Saturday and


Last Lord’s day was devoted to the review of the lessons of the past quarter in the ditferent Sabbath schools of the town. The exercises in the Methodist Sabbath School were on an elaborate scale and of a Very interesting character, The work had been assigned to the lady teachers who per- ; bis. was a achers and pupils e number of 340 being present Hi hota occasion, Mrs. A, Campbell, of the Parson. age, presided in the capacity of temporary superintendent of the school. The pro- Roars opened with the hymn ‘*Pasy Me ot, O Gentle Saviour” sung by the whole school, after which Mrs, Catnpbell led ina prayer of great spiritual fervour. A number of scriptural quotations were then given and the school again united in singing ‘Work for the Night is Coming.” Mrs, Campbell after some introductory remarks then pro- ceeded to a review of the first two lessons of the quarter, The other ladies who took part in the review were Mrs. J. E. Richard- son, Miss Porter, Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Haight, and Miss Scott. Mrs, B. W. Wash- burn gave some object lessons to the infant classes by means of a blackboard containing some elaborate drawings which conveyed easily grasped and important lessons. A!l the ladies performed their parts admirably and it was evident that careful study and analysis of the different lessons had char- acterized the work of the school during the previous quarter. The review exercises were varied by musical pieces given by the girls’ classes and readings of a propriate selections by Mrs.l.C. Fraser ren Mrs. R. E. Northmore, At the close of the Review Miss Wartman submitted the regular easterly report which showed that durin he term 3,964 verses had been learned an $37.31 collected, an excellent showing when it is remembered that the past quarter embraced the vacation season when so many teachers and pupils of the school are aWay from home. During the past three quarters the verses learned were as follows, Ist, 7,562 ; 2nd, 6,470; 3rd, 3,964 ; total 17,996. The collections during the same period were : Ist, $40,84 = 2nd, $41.95: 3rd, $37.31 5 total $120.10. To this amount must be added proceeds of entertainment in the sprin| $28.00 and excursion $38.95, making a peed total of receipts thus far of $187.05, figures which Bisel more eloquently than words. Although the exercises were continued rather too long, the interest was sustained throughout. The exercises from beginning to end were conducted by the ladies, the pastor and regular superintendent being relegated to a back seat for the time being. Miss Cumspbell fulfilled the duties of organist and a young lady was organ blower ; ladies


Mrs. Barber and her mother, of Shannon- Ville, are visiting on this side of the Bay.

Wm. D. Huff paid this vicinity a flying visit on his way to Cobourg,

Mr, A. W, Cronk started on Wednesday, 2nd inst., for Montana where he intends to make his future home. bE,

Miss Maggie Simpson, we are pleased to state, is recovering from a severe attack of typhoid fever.

Those who have tried it, claim that the best and cheapest way to rid a garden or field of the purslane pest is to seed the land with clover and grass, These will soon choke-out the purslane and after a few years the ground may be again broken up and be as clean as when new.

acted as ushers and ladies took up the col- lection. The pulpit platform was hand— somely decorated with foliage plants and choice flowers, We cannot close our report without complimenting Mrs. Campbell: and ther staff on the success of the review exercises, and extending our congratulations to Rey, A, Campbell, pastor of the church, and Mr, A. A. Richardson, Superintendent of the school, on being supported by such a zealone corps of efficient teachers,

Pyuning.—lf orchard Trees heve been properly caved for from the first, there will be but little pruning needed, and it matters not much at what time it is done, Grape- vines, currants and gooseberries may be pruned soon after the leaves haye fallen, Blackberries and raspberries should be pruned by cutting out the old canes as soon as the fruit is gathered.

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New, soft, fine Wool

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dairy has its quotum of

Nearly every s 'y cow in the land is

kicking cows, and every land { liable to sawiteh her tail across a milker’s face during fly time. The human irritation aroused thereby rebuts on the herd, to its positive injury. There are two classes of kicking cows—-those habitually inclined that way, like a balky horse, and those that only use their rear hoofs in an offensive manner to resont fancied or real provocation, Nothing-but the gentlest and kindest treat ment should rule in the dairy ; 60, to cure & cow of this disagreeable habit, a brusque manner should be avoided, ‘Yo milk an inveterate kicker, treat her as you would a heifer, Give her no chance whatever to use her heels, Put a broad strap around her hind legs over the gambrels, and, drawing them snugly together, buckle it tight, Place her in a stanchion next to the wall, and from a ring in the latter let o long strap depend, which, after passing around her right flank, draw taut to the stanchion braces near her head, The cow is then practically helpless so far as any vicious manifestations are concerned. Sit down quietly to milk her, and speak soothiayly and reassuringly’ If the cow struggles to free heeselt, calm her fears by a gentle pat of the }and and a persuasive tone of yolve. Milk her in the same restraint day after day, and in a few weeks or months she cau be cured of kicking. The meekest cows sometimes temporarily contract the habit of kicking in defense of abuse from some senseless milker. Treat them impussionately and be perfectly indifferent to their tendency to be light heeled. In a very short time they will be permanently cured, If cows sWitch their caudal appendages in your face in an attempt to brush off flies, don’t amputate the otlending members, _as some do, but affix to the side of the milking stool a short strip of tough wood, divided by a spring slit, after the manner of a strictured clothes-pin, Have the opening of the slit turned backward, and into it ; when sitting down to milk, draw the brush of the cow’s tail. Cow’s tails should never be cut: off, as it is a wicked, brutal custom, depriving the animal of its means of self-defense aguinst insects. Humanity and kindness go as far making a dairy profitable as nutritious food. —Amvrican Agriculturist for October.



There are usually a good many things lying around in closets and out-of-the-way places that are of no use except to swell to yas dimensions the bag of paper rags, Nice iron holders can be made of old stock- ings, Use pieces left from overalls for some “every day” holders; it is convenient to have one hanging near the kitchen stove when lifting kettler, etc, There is plenty of time during the long evenings to look over


Last Friday was a public holiday in Ma- doe.

Fall races at Belleville, October 15th and 16th, | A post office is much required on Big | Island

James Herchmer will move from Tam- worth to Napanee,

Work has beon commenced on the Orange | hall at Napance Mills, here is a good opening in Gananoque for ble iron works.

An insane Kingston man has paid $200 for a black and tan terrier,

The Prescott Zelegraph has suspended publication for the present,

W.S. Ellis is the new principal of the Cobourg Collegiate Institute,

The Salvation Army recently held success: ful jubilee meetings in Milford.

The Unionville Pair was & finangial failure this year owing to wet weather.

Lho new post-office buildings iu Water- town will be compteted this fall.

Peter Amey has been fined $20 and costs for infractions of the Crooks’ Act,

The East Hastings fair was Thresher’s Corners last Wednesday,

Great energy is being displayed in rebuild ing the burnt district uv Gananoque,

The St, Lawrence News is the name of a new paper lately started ut [roquois,

Responsive reading has been discortinued in the Methodist Church, Wellington. Cyrus Davis, South Elmsley, lost his barn with its contents by fire, Loss $3,000, J. R. Fraser, of Tamworth, has sold out his grocery to his brother J. A. Iraser. Some large catches of fish have been made at Muy Bay during the past few weeks. The tug Hugle Annie has beensuce ssfully launched by J, Purkeson, st South Buy, Work progresses very slowly on the new bridye over Kaylor’s creek near Morven, Kingston penitentiary will be lighted with 800 incandescent electric lights this full, Napanee Mills is infested with dogs which prey on the sheep of neighboring farmers. Mrs. Henderson, of Stella, has sold her farm to John Fleming for a good round sum, N. Gilbert, Picton, has leen appointed local muster in chancery for Princ® Hd ward. The Mayor of Smith’s Falls would not allow the gold watch men to operate in that town. 4 Tbe Roman Catholic church at Gananoque will be built of Wolfe Island and Quebec stone, unanoque Oddf-sllows ave decorating their lodge so as to make it second to none in the province,


held at

the rolls of calico and. worsted pieces that have accumulated; of the woolens, some chair cushions can be made, pleasant when one gets a room cleaned to have ready some bright, new ornaments for it.

Have you ever, at house cleaning time, coming to the bureau drawers, thought thus: “Til let them go until some other time; they don’t show,”—leaving the contents of those drawers in the same chuotic state? Let me tell you how to do the next time: Before you commence the regular Sleanligs put the drawers and boxes all inorder, If the chambers are cold, take your work to the kitchen or sitting-room ; it is easy to remove a drawer from its place. Put your best gloves in one box, the worn ones in another; the same with collars, laces and ribbons. Each box should be labeled plain- ly, then you will know at a glance what the contents are. Following this method of “putting to rights,” you will be surprised to see how easily the dreaded cleaning can be managed, Men's colored cotton shirts make excellent wash cloths for cleaning wood: work. When considered too badly worn for other use, they should be laid aside for this purpose. Wo not try to clean more than one room ata time, for it is very wearisome to

-haye the whole house in disorder. —A merican Agriculturist for October,


Soap has its attractive side, which ie al- Ways its clean side. A dirty piece of soap ora dirty soap-dish is repulsive, and one naturally shrinks from ablutions which are to be performed with such aids, A certain habit of observation (which is one of my failings) has sonvinced me that the soap question, unlike ‘Is marriage a failure ?,” is ove which has not forced itself to any extent upon the minds of the people. It may seem like carrying estheticism a little too far, to wish to reforu the soap-dish at the kitchen sink, but this is just where it is most im- portant to begin. Have two tin or granite

anging soap-dishes, with holes in the bottom to let off the water, so that y our soap is not always of the consistency of a jellyfish. In one of these keep laundry soap for scrubbing, and like purposes; in the other a piece of Castile soup. ‘Themen who work in the fields come home with hands roughened, and often wounded, by their toil, and it is simple cruelty to force them to wash with common yellow soap, which adds to their discomfort. Induce each member to always rinse off the soap before laying it down, | for dishwashing, there comes a little tin box with holes in it and a long handle, It is much neater und more eco- nomical to keep w bit of soap in this, and shake it about in the dishwater, than to use a large piece, which the servant will let lie in the water while washing her dishes, with the general result of flavoring your soup or meat with yellow soap, a bit of which has been carelessly left on the spoon or the tine ofatork Receptacles for soap in sleeping apartments should be cleansed as reguiurly as the beds ore made, It is better to attend to this oneself than to leave it to o servant who is often burried, if not forgetinl, The writer overcame the ayersion to soap-and- water in her little boy, which most children seem to shure with kittens, by giving him a Pretty piece of pink toilet-soap, molded in the form of ashoe, and promising him one in the shape of a little girl's head and face when he had used the former, if in the mean. time I never suw him at table with soiled hands,—Arerican Aqriculturist for October,


Apviceé To Moriens:—Are you disturbed at night and broken of your reat by a sick child suffering and crying with pain of cnt ing Teeth? If so send at once and get a bottle of ‘Mra, Winslow's Soothing Syrup

for Children Teething.” Its vulue is incal culab’ It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately, Depend upon it mothers; thece is no mistake about it, Tt cures Dysentery and Diarrhava, regulates

the Stomach and Bowels, cures Wind Colic

Sophiasburg agricultural society holds its annual fair at Demorestville on Saturday, Oct, 19th,

‘The new kin sheds erected by the Rath- ban Company at Napanee Mills are on a large scale,

Napanee market square is a resort for partridges, three being killed there one day last week,

The Record claims that $100,000 was ex- pended in buildings in Smith’s Falls during the past yeur,

A Kingston reporter asked a farmer if he had threshed his pumpkins and how they had turned out, {

Mrs. Lauglin Anderson, of Paudash Lake settlement, had her arm broken recently by a kick from a cow,

Boys with matches set fire to Rose’s coal oil house in Tamworth and four barrels of oil were cousamed,

There is free sale of liquor to boys in Gananoque and that though the facts are known to the police,

Tue teachers of the Peterboro collegiate institute are on trial, certuin charges being preferred against them,

Webster, son of Bert Clement, fell from the station platform, Camden Hast, and had his collar bone fractured.

Belleville people complain because they have to pay six dollars a ton for coal, Why don’t they bore for natural gas ?

O. P, Butler, of Stirling, shows a cucumber 16 inches in length and 13 inches in circum: ference, and weighing 5 pounds.

E. J. Madden, of the Newburgh ‘cheese factory, secured the gold medal at the Belleville fair for the best cheese,

Rey. A. W. Cooke is meeting with wonderful success in collecting funds for the new Anglican church in Williamsville,

A number of parties have very properly been heavily fined for keeping pigs within the limits of the corporation of Kingston, Mr, H. H. Johnston, son of Mr, John Jonnston, inspector of schools, has accepted 4 lucrative position with a Hamilton law firm,

While Louis’ Armstrong, of Bath, was splitting wood the axe caught in the in evituble cletkes line cutting a deep gash in his head,

Stirling complains of irregularity of at. tendance on the part of schoul pupils. A compulsory attendance law is the great need of Ontario,

The millinery stock of Misyes Sylvia Woodmun and Ida Bamford, who were moving from Wolfe Island to Kingston, was stolen en route

Michael Gormley, architect, of Trenton, is dead, aged 77 years. ‘The deceased built over sixty Rorhan Catholic churches in different parts of Canada.

Rey. Joseph and Mrs, Young, of Picton, Were presented by the congregation with a hanging lamp and china tea service on the 20th anniversary of their marriage,

It takes the equivalent of 175,000 bushels of barley to pay the salary of the governor- general of Canada. All that he has to do is to sign his name when and where he is told to do so by his advisers.

Tne Ganunoque Reporter states that: Mr. Neil McCarney rather got the bulge on Mr, David Rae, of Pittsburgh, last ‘Tuesday. On Saturday last, during a conversation, Mr. McCarney offered $10 for all the pota- tues he could dig in Mr. Rae's field in three hours, The offer was taken at once, and the money paid over. On Tuesday, Mr, McCarney went out, taking two men with him to pick up. He went at the potatoes with o will, and turned them out at the rate ofa bushel every three minutes, having 52 Dushels at the end of the three hours, all of

softens the Gums, reduces inflammation and gives tene and energy to the whole system, **Mrs, Winslow's Soothing Syrap for children teething is pleasant to the taste and is the prescription of one of the oldest and best female physicians and nurses in the United States, and is for sale by all drug gists throughout the world Price twenty five conte a bottle, Be sure and ask yor Mrs, Winsiow's Sooruina Syrup,

which he brought home, He dug over three quarters of an acie of ground The Madoc Review says: “A good sized boom is likely to strike Bridgewater in the near future, This week the Bull asbestos property, in Elzevir, a short distance from | the above village, has beon sold to a wealthy | New York company, reprosented by D, U, Jonnings, of 45 Broadway, N. Y., for the handsome gum of 316,000 cash. he money was paid over by the Bank of Montreal, in Belleville, This company will, during the co winter, employ a large force of mon in developing their mine, and will erect

buildings at the works and equip mills in Bridgewater at an outlay of seyeral thonsund dollars, The company expect to be able to ship from 15,000 to 20,000 tons of the manu factured article per year.

Newburgh Fair, Suturday, Oct, Sth,

Burglars have again commenced work in Kingston,

.& J. Warren bave erected in Stirling a ick building 25x55 ft.

P, W. Dafoe has erected cottage residence at Roblin.

Camden East haa fallen into line and a dopted the early closing by law, |

Mr. King and son, of New York, landed | cight maskenovge at Hay Buy last weuk.

Mrs, Bernard Lacey, of Shefligld, had her | leg broken recently by a fall from a buggy. |

Belleville and Kingston willagain compete | for the quoits championship on the 9th inst. at Belleville,

Stirling boasts of an elm tree which, at four feet above the ground, measures 17 ft. 6 in, in circumference.

Farm lands in Lennox & Addington have depreciated in value from 25 to 40 per vent within the last seven yeurs.

The citizens’ band, of Perth, has becomo disorganized and the instruments have been returned into the custody of the town.

D, C, Bryant, the unfortunate invalid recently sent to the county jail for relief, died in that institution on Sunday morning.

W. H. Luird, junior editor of the Port Hope Vimex, was married to Miss Lillie Blanch Dafoe last week. May prosperity, &e,

Large quantities of granite paving blocks are being shipped from Grindstone Island, on the American side, to Toronto and Mont: real,

The Sand Bay cheese factory in Luns- downe was destroyed by fire last week, A thousand dollars worth of cheese was des- troyed,

There is war in northern Tyendinaga over u pretty girl who is visiting in that section. ‘There have been two or three fights on her account,

Conlin Sutherland, son of W. Sutherland, Belleville, while playing with a revolver was shot through the side aud dangerously wounded.

A Kingston medical student amuses him- self by suspending a skeleton from a tree and working it with strings to frighten people passing by,

da Very handsome


Senator Sanford is on a trip to Manitoba

Emperor William favors execution by electricity,

William O’Brien, M. P., is writing an Trish political novel.

‘Over $700,000 of Louisiana State Jands have disapreared,

A despatch from Paris announces death of General Faidberbe.

Socialists have been excluded from ranks of the Rotterdam strikers,

The Quebec Field Battery has won cup at tne annual artillery competition.

An illicit still has been discuvered at Rougemont, near Montreal, by the authorit- ies,

The city of Celaya, Mexico, has been inundated and hundreda of families are homeless.

A bogus medical college in New Hamp- shire has been selling diplomas at from $60 to $300 each.

Ex-Queen Natalie was most enthusiasti- cally received by the populace on her arrival at Belgrade last Sunday,

Mr. D. W. Tye, son of the proprietor of the Brampton TZ'imes, died RRaNenTy at Rrampton on Friday night.

The Queen will ke unable to go to Dublin in the spring. ‘he Prince of Wales will be asked to open the Art museum.

Four persons were killed and eight injured in the collision on the New York Central at Palatine bridge on Friday night,

A smallpox patient has been discovered in Chicago who travelled from New York to that city while suffering from the disease,

A Montreal furniture dealer named Joseph Champagne has been arrested on a charge of burning his store for the ‘sake of the. insurance,

President Carnot, of France, has asked

the the


| the Commercial Congress to attend less to

speculative Politics and to devote themselves to practical business and pacific develop- ment.

The expenditure of $50,600,000 by two English syndicates for the control of an ex- traordinary aggregate of industrial enter- prises in the United States was completed in Chicago on Saturday. :



The legislature of Massachusetts has en- acted a law against the practice of docking the tails of horses,

That i the interest of hamanity and common sense,

The mutilation of a horse by chopping off his tail is no less a mutilation 11 ity than the cutting off of his ears, ov takiug ont one of hiseyes. In either case it is not only an atrocious act of cruelty to the horse, inflict-

| And we ask, Can those who've left us,



Will they meet us, cheer and greet us, Those we've loved who've gone before ? Shall we find them at the portals;

Kind our beuutifal immortals,

When we reach thot radiant shore? Hearts are broken for soine token

That they live and love you yet!

Of love's look and tone bereft us,

Though in heaven, can they forget ?

And we often, as days sofien,

And comes out the evening star,

Looking westward, sit and wonder

Whetier, when go fur asunder,

They still